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About the rest of the Family:


They definitely put the Fun in dysfunctional. This family unit seems like the cookie cutter picture, but they are anything but Normal. As you get to know them, it is very clear why Bravo wanted them on "Mother Funders".



Hey there! I am a hardworking husband and father who does any and every thing I can for my family... that my wife tells me to do. I like hanging out with friends and watching the game... when my wife says I can. I work in the yard because my wife says I like it and I'm an excellent barista because my wife has trained me well.



Hi everyone! I am not your typical 19 year old college freshman, I am my mother's daughter, after all. I graduated highschool at the top of my class and am excited about all that college has to offer. I love hanging out with my friends and family, shopping for things I dont have the money for and using up all of the data on my phone. Wait... I guess I am your typical 19 year old.



Whats up people? Joe here. Or Joe-Joe. Or Joe-Mama. Well, I'll answer to just about anything. I'm in 8th grade this year and love playing some B-ball with my crew. If I could go out to eat every day, I would. I love the Lord and pray often. I enjoy being with my youth group and try to never miss church. I WILL BE A PRO ATHLETE ONE DAY!!! I just keep telling myself that. I believe in power of prayer and positive thought.



Hello everyone! My name is Jack, but my family calls me Jack-Attack because I'm wild and crazy! I am going into the 5th grade next year! I'm going to rule the school!!! Whoop Whoop!!! With my good looks and great personality, I'm a shoo-in for the most popular. But, my mom says my head is so big I have to come in the house through the garage because my head wont fit through the front door.

Yes, this is an old picture but Mom got to pick her favorite.



i luke crickets and carrots. do you got any peas? Can u spray me with some water and i thunk mi mom bought the wrong kinda bulb for mi sun light. its not as bright color as the last one. Can you tell hers. pweeze. i luke bugs.  r there boy bearded dragons?

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