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A little background, about Robin . . .

Robin arrived in Atlanta during the fall of 2008 on a mission to spend more time with her family. Her goal was to design her life in a new way that allowed her to spend the time she craved with those she held near and dear. To that end Robin left the world of corporate marketing behind once and for all and has never looked back. Now instead of forcing herself to develop projects that trap her in a predesigned box she has the freedom to let her creativity flow as she focuses on offering her own exceptional brand of boutique style Marketing Services to a select group of clients and businesses. 


While these opportunities have challenged her they have also given her the opportunity to hone her talents and to develop a unique 

perspective her clients find invaluable. Robin’s personal blend of talents and passions include:

  •      Partner in a MultiMedia Firm based in Atlanta & Non-Profit Board Member

  •      Launching new product lines, divisions, & businesses; incl. artists & actors

  •      Planning, executing and hosting elaborate mixers & corporate parties,                        and fundraisers. Strategic Planning for growing market share/brand awareness.

  •      Project Management for Conventions and Expos for clients in various industries.

  •      Client's Brand Manager & Ambassador while participating as exhibitors                    & speakers nationwide.












Robin’s proven track record and knack for details produces dramatic results. If fact, it wasn’t long before several local non-profits, including the Parent Teacher Organization at her children’s school, realized the Gold Mind they had in Robin Dyke. Her overall willingness to help those in need is attractive in its own right, but Robin also knows how to get people moving… and giving. This "industry matchmaker" was able to sync businesses with charities and causes as if she was put on this planet to do just that. It didn't take long for those skills to be noticed by Network Television and soon Robin was cast as the "No Nonsense Fundraiser Extraordinaire" on Bravo Television's Mother Funders. Although many would argue she was cast for comic relief, no one can say this fan favorite wasn't focused on the end result. 


Since the airing of Mother Funders, Robin has been quite busy hosting and attending charity events, product launch/integration events, appeared on numerous News Outlets and other shows on different Networks. Her name has become synonymous with "Giving Back" in the Atlanta scene and she is currently booked to host events & charity fundraisers in many other markets, most notably: Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Cleveland, Chicago and NYC. That doesn't stop her from serving as her own walking billboard. In the Atlanta region, she works closely with a few specific charities, news stations and magazines as a host, field reporter, brand ambassador and all-around friend. 


Currently Robin writes an article titled "Robin Recommends" highlighting ALL things Charitable. Other articles can be found in national and local magazines, as she shares her fundraising tips & strategies, and top choices for fabulous events in which we should all become involved. Want to know how you can get involved, have your charity highlighted, or pair your business with a worthy cause? Robin can been seen on Talk Shows, Local News and Variety Shows as the correpondent, reporter and the one being interviewed. The talent she works with, the organizations she represents, the friends shes out supporting...there are so many reasons the public wants to stay in touch with the events surrounding Robin. All you have to do is stay in the loop through her social media or her newsletter.


Watch, Read, & Listen!!! Please don't forget, that the "event planning and management gene" never left Robin, and you can find her and her fabulous team, working diligently throughout the year planning and hosting elaborate fundraisers, parties and mixers. If you need help with your brand, charity, business or product launch, you definitely want Robin Dyke on your side.








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